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The Web Development Bootcamp

Unleash your full potential as a developer!
Course produced by Flavio Copes

This high-intensity course will help you learn Web Development quickly and effectively. The course starts from complete zero knowledge of how the Web works and gradually we'll explore all the fundamental concepts: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, then we'll jump to React, Node.js and Next.js to build real world applications to get you ready for a programming job!

The course will start in Q2 2022


The course will cover those topics deeply:
  • The basics of the Web
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Lots of projects
  • ..detailed program coming soon

How the course works

This is not your typical video course. It is built upon lots research and experiments on non-linear learning and efficient self-learning. The material is based on a mix of text based lessons, short videos, snippets of code, exercises and practical projects. There will be a private Discord community to talk with other students of the course, and you will have private email support from Flavio, the creator of the course.


This is a high-intensity course. It will last 4 months.


  • No prerequisites. This course does not assume any prior knowledge with programming languages or Web development


  • Flavio's lessons get you building real things right away. The variety of projects you'll build will serve as great examples for building your own products. He uses the latest libraries, tech and tools to get you up and running in no time. (Corey Gwin)
  • I've learnt a lot from Flavio's React.js, Node.js related courses, since my current job tech stack is using javascript a lot. The challenges in the end of each lesson are interesting as well. I do agree with Flavio as his courses format are not videos. So I can reference anytime I want to remind myself anything. (Khanh Mai)
  • Flavio is a great developer with the humility to show his process in development; instead of showing only the perfect 'Ciak'. This translates into a real lesson where you can learn the mindset, the approach you face, the theory but you come home with much more. Becoming a programmer is hard, Flavio is teaching me a serious and profitable approach to becoming a good developer with real projects. (Giandomenico Riceputi)
  • Flavio's courses are a great resource that you can reference from time-time when you get stuck. They are well-organized & follow a flow that will make understanding them easier as you go on plus you get to actually build something while learning. (Joan Henry)
  • I had some background in learning this programming language, but this course offered so much more insight into all things that happens behind the scenes! I fell a little bit more confident, that I will be able to prosper my future career with JavaScript. (Gedrie)
  • Being a web developer for about 25 years with focus on backend development for TYPO3 with PHP and MySQL I wanted to freshen up my JavaScript experience. After 20 weeks of the JavaScript Bootcamp I have learnt a lot and really could expand my knowledge. One of the main things I learned: there's so much more you can do with JavaScript today compared to 10 years ago, so it is inevitable to stay up to date. This bootcamp is the right place, because you get information that starts from zero up to advanced modern topics. The text based lessons are also great for looking up specific topics when you need them. And the Discord chat gives you the opportunity to discuss with the other participants in order to seek for and provide help or just to chat (you'll see that learning can be fun, too). You are not forced to learn in a specific time, so it is no problem to complete the course alongside a full time job and having a family. I can recommend the JavaScript Bootcamp to everyone who is involved in web development! (Marco Kuprat)
  • My JavaScript fluency has gone up a lot from going through the bootcamp. Well worth the money and time I invested. (BoB)